What I Will Miss, What I Will Find

One of the prompts at the Rehoboth Beach Writers Guild free write this morning was “What do you miss when you’re away from home?”  I realized that a week from that moment I would be on a plane heading for New Mexico, so it seemed like an appropriate topic for me.

When I am away from home, I miss normalcy, the spaces I know, my couch, my kitchen.  The ring of my phone, the slam of my front door.  Next week I will travel to Taos, New Mexico.  There is no ocean there, no skirt of foam rolling in with the tide, no constant rush and whisper of the surf.  I won’t see gulls or sandpipers, or those pale sand crabs that burrow into the wet sand as a wave recedes, leaving a tiny hole behind.  Last evening’s high tide carried in dozens of jellyfish, transparent creatures the size of dinner plates or Frisbees.  Always surprises.  I will miss them.

Next week I will drive along the highway that borders the Rio Grande running narrow between rocky gorges.  I will sit in the shade of cottonwood trees that canopy over the patio of the Mabel Dodge House.  There will be adobe walls and curved doorways, turquoise window trim and thinner air.  I will smell the sage bushes that grow along the fence and hear the drumming from the evening ceremonies of  the Pueblos.  I will look up to the snow-capped top of Taos Mountain that watches everything below.  I will trade sand and blue ocean for the fire colors of a land baked by the sun.  There will be surprises.  I will treasure them.



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5 responses to “What I Will Miss, What I Will Find

  1. Barbara Moran

    wonderful write, ellen, and i thought as i read it what lucky girls we are to be able to experience such wonders of nature as sea and sand, river and cottonwood trees. it will be good to see you. carolynn from montreal and sas are already here and anticipating a terrific week for all of us. xo, me

  2. Ellen – reading this after the Taos Art Adventure. Beautiful description of the misses and the “look fors” in Taos. Quite a shift from ocean to mountains and no water…

  3. PS – Love your banner!

  4. Hi Ellen – miss wavewaltz – a perfect name for you blog! I love this very personal and insightful blog post. It’s always a missing and a finding. So glad you joined the blogosphere – I look forward to reading your musings and writings!

  5. ellen gager

    Hi Ellen, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the beach and NM. I am leaving Colorado for Martha’s Vineyard this week so you have prompted me to think about that journey in the opposite direction. I look forward to my own wavewalzes soon!

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